We are pleased to say that we are back open for all your laundry, coffee, printing and cake needs. 

Throughout July we'll be open

10 am-5 pm TUESDAY - SATURDAY 

This may change with demand, and we welcome your feedback.

Please bear with us as we endeavour to get this right.  

Due to the size of our kitchen, we are not currently able to serve hot food.


We are continuing to run our laundry collection and delivery service, so do be in touch if you or one of your neighbours is in need.   



We are At The Well. We are a Cafe-Laundrette in Stokes Croft, the heart of Bristol's Cultural Quarter.  

We are passionate about building a community of people over the shared necessity of doing laundry. Like neighbours around an African tap stand or Indian river, people gather here to meet together, wash their clothes, get much-needed sustenance, swap stories and build real community. 


We've created a laundrette that you'll want to hang out in, and if you've yet to discover this Bristol gem, you've got a treat in store.

Bring your duvet to wash, and enjoy an Extract coffee and a stack of American Pancakes whilst you wait, and join the community of people that are At The Well. 





We've spent much of lockdown nailing the perfect Dalgona 'Cloud Coffee' and we've done it!


Come and get a load of this magical topsy-turvy iced coffee.


A nitro-whipped coffee foam served over iced milk. Topped with whipped cream and a piece of homemade honeycomb.  

This is the way!







"The atmosphere is beautifully cosy. The staff have been really helpful, warm and great to chat too. Their food is incredible for how reasonable the price is. Also if you get a cup of tea they come with a rich tea biscuit (which made my day) If you are here to wash your clothes they sell wash powder and fabric softer, with a choice of bio and non-bio, my clothes smelt so nice. Thanks again for your business guys!"

"I love this place. I have been a regular for a few years now. This is where I do all my laundry"

"Amazing French toast and pancakes! One of the best cup of coffees I’ve had"

"The place is so cosy and relaxing!"

"American style pancakes are sublime. washed down with hot chocolate. staff are welcoming and friendly."

One of my favourite cafes - really cosy with a beautiful, community feel.

The atmosphere is great - you can tell it's a central part of the local community.


Best Cafe!


Sadly these awards were somewhat overshadowed by Covid-19 but we are still so thankful for this nomination. 

We are very proud to be a laundrette, but it is so nice to think that our cafe is one of the best in its own right. 

Our business was never meant to be a novelty business. We truly believe that both the laundrette and the cafe massively enhance and make the other. Our business is better than the sum of its parts and what a wonderful thing that is. 

None of us knows what the future will hold, but we'd like to raise a glass to Bristol, raise a glass to Stokes Croft, raise a glass to ingenuity, to family, to community and to all those doing laundry right now.

Phew, that's a lot of glasses, so best now have a little sit-down!

Thanks Bristol!