We have launched a new doorstep collection and delivery service. During lockdown laundry collections within the city are free of charge. 

Whether it's an accumulation of laundry or a desire to wash your duvet, we're here to help. 

To arrange a collection call us on 07583090369


If you live locally and want to drop your laundry off or use the machines self-service, this can also be arranged - just give us a call on 07583090369

giving back

In a recent BBC news report we learned of 80 families in one Bristol tower-block using five washing machines in one small shared laundry room. For many Bristol families washing facilities are completely inadequate or unsafe.

During these uncertain times, we are doing our best to support our local community and the city of Bristol as a whole. The government has deemed laundry an essential service, and we couldn’t agree more. We are desperate to reach and provide for the most vulnerable in our community for whom having clean clothes to wear at this time is a luxury.

Thank you for your generous donations. They are making a world of difference! Please be in touch if you know someone who might benefit from this provision. 


Spread the love, not the virus.



During this time we are doing our best to support our community. We have organised a free doorstep collection and delivery service so that laundry can still be done even in lockdown!


It is not a clever App, just our friendly team on standby to answer your call. Call: 07583090369

What you need to do next in 5 easy steps: 

1. Call and arrange a day and time for us to collect your laundry (we can discuss the volume of laundry and loads for an initial quote)  

2. Once we have contacted you to say we are en route, please put the bags of washing outside your front door. Please put the washing in bin bags and label clearly with your name, phone number and address. 

3. When back at the laundrette we will be able to assess and confirm the cost of the service and take payment over the phone. 

4. When the load is ready we'll contact you again to confirm the drop-off. We'll expect this to be 48 hours. 

5. We will drop back your fresh laundry in a clean bag, and provide a till receipt. We'll knock or ring the doorbell to let you know your washing is back, clean and dry and on your doorstep. 

Like the tooth fairy of clean laundry! 

We are seeking to slow the spread of Covid-19 with this service, if you have been ill we ask that you wait 72 hours before using this service.


Please do be in touch with further questions, we're here to help.

For further details, please open the attached PDF document.