We recommend using the machines yourself to fully immerse yourself in the At The Well experience, it's a wonderful community resource built to be used by all. We have a friendly team here at all times to answer any questions, help you operate the machines and make you a well-earnt coffee! All the machines are token operated, so no need to bring the correct change. If you favour your own laundry detergent you are welcome to bring it with you, otherwise, we sell a range of washing powders, fabric softener, vanish and laundry sanitiser, so just bring yourself...and your laundry of course!


LARGE DRY- £1.00

(10 minutes- average time required 40-50 minutes)



(10 minutes- average time required 30 minutes)




If you're short on time, fear not! 

Drop off a bag of washing, and we will do it for you. We'll give you a text as soon as it is washed, dried and folded. 

We've got a number of options to ensure you are getting the exact service you want for the price that is right for you. Find out more below. 



 If you have tea towels, aprons, tablecloths, football kits, clothes, bedsheets, towels or uniforms that need washing on a regular basis, bring them down to us, and get them done at a discounted price.

We wash, dry and fold for many Airbnb hosts, multiple times a week.


Run a business or an Airbnb? Pop in and we'll set up an account.