8KG WASH-£5.00

8KG DRY- £1.00

(15 minutes- average time required 45 minutes)

12KG WASH- £8.00

12KG DRY-£2.00

(10 minutes- average time required 30 minutes)




Drop off a bag of washing, and we will give you a text as soon as it is washed, dried and folded. 

We've recently upgraded our service wash system to ensure you are getting the exact service you want for the price that is right for you. Find out more below. Book online to take advantage of our current discount on all service washes.



 If you have tea-towels, aprons, tablecloths, football kits, clothes, bed-sheets, towels or uniforms that need washing on a regular basis, bring them down to us, and get them done at a great price.

We wash, dry and fold many for many Airbnb hosts, multiple times a week.


Run a business or an Airbnb? Pop in and we'll set up an account.